Food Shortage Or Fuel Shortage – Pick Your Poison | Livestock

Not that many years ago there was a bright star on the horizon – ethanol and bio-diesel production could reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Wherever profit and supply and demand meet, the highest profit is where the demand will be.Now we have hundreds of thousands of acres of corn in production for ethanol, corn that once would have gone to raising livestock. Because that corn is gone, prices of food is going up – milk, meats and grain products have hiked in price due to a reduced supply available. However, there seems to be some misconceptions on both sides of the coin.The bottom line is that much of the corn crop is being diverted to ethanol production. According to this has already raised U.S. food prices by $47 per person and sparked protests in Mexico due to corn for tortillas being higher priced.Who has backed ethanol production to get it going? The first big lobbyist was none other than Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) – that’s right the “supermarket to the world” folks. So whether ethanol works or not, they will make money. They have been involved in pushing corn into fuel for 30 years according to In 1996, several company executives were convicted of conspiracy to fix the lysine markets, resulting in a $100 million fine. They are the biggest beneficiary of over $2 billion in government subsidies, estimated to be $1.3 billion just from ethanol in 2007. They control 24% of the capacity and of course benefit from the higher food prices.As a result of higher corn prices, less soybeans and cotton as well as other crops are being grown. Using 20% of the corn for ethanol has raised prices of food. What if 60% of corn went to ethanol? Can you add another 40% onto your grocery bill?There are two major ways food supplies are interrupted – one is the poor not being able to afford food and the other is food not being available. Here in the U.S., most people have never had a serious interruption in food supplies. Up until now, food has been plentiful to the point of wasting.Here’s another thing that inflates prices…remember ADM being involved as well as other corporations. Ethanol makes use of liquid – not corn, so what is the byproduct of corn? All this corn is going to ethanol so it can’t be used for livestock feeding right? Look again! The fact is, 100% of these dried grains can be palletized without adding anything else…and the primary outlet for it is cattle, swine and poultry feed! So now why are prices going up due to lack of corn? Think of that just a few minutes. Not only the three primary meat animals but fish raised for food in aquaculture also can eat this pellet byproduct – corn! This is reported over a year ago in cattle circles, and yet the increase in food prices is blamed on corn not being available for cattle. With an increase in acreage planted in corn there should be a decrease in feed costs for livestock, not an increase!Despite this, look at how widely it’s reported that this is the reason for higher food costs. Those who live near a Midwest ethanol plant report massive amounts of corn coming in and just as much going out after being used for ethanol. ADM, also in the Midwest, is involved not only in ethanol and food but also in livestock feed…now how much power and control over the country do they have? They have control over food prices, make no mistake. If they stopped shipping food out it would cripple the country in a very short amount of time – and would have us convinced that a shortage did it and it’s out of their hands.At what point will we have to choose between food and fuel? What are you willing to do right now to insure your food supply is there? You better know a small farmer and hope it’s not illegal for him to sell to you! With major corporations and billions in dollars behind them, they can and will do away with small farm competition and consumers are unaware of it. Buy local and start insuring your food supply today.

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